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Badgers Rodeo Red

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Boogers Sugar

Cute little guy. Has quite a bit of quickness to him. We think he might make a Breakaway Horse. He didn't really get worked with as a weanling due to Tom's health issues. Then, we had a tough December weather wise and all of the young horses had to get kicked out with the broodmare band so they did not get the extra nutrition that they need. He is up now and starting to get caught back up. He is coming along in halter breaking.


Why Not Firewater is a horse that Becky Amio let us us when we lost Sabre Charged. Really nice to get along with. Maybe we should have kept him....but you can't keep them all. Badgers Rodeo Gold was a sweet mare that produced horses that people really liked. Lot's of performance in this colt. Grab a hold of him now and you are going to be glad you did!


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