Why Not Firewater - 2017 Gray Stallion


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Why Not Firewater

2017 Gray Stallion

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When we lost Sabre Charged at the start of the 2021 breeding season, Becky Amio was kind enough to let us use Why Not Firewater for the rest of the 2021 breeding season. He is a horse that we bred and then sold to her. She has him started nicely and will soon be shown on the barrels. Just over 21% Harlan. We are excited to see what he will produce in 2022.


Firewater Harlan was bred by Bob Robey. We owned Harlans Little Bit at the end of her life and she was one of the sweetest, toughest mares around. Harlans Grey Wolf was a horse that we made the mistake of selling. A few days after we had sold him, Ray Kinghorn who was starting him called and told us after having him just a short time that he was one of the handiest horses he had ever started and to not sell him!

"BB" at 18 with his mares on pasture.


"Your Source for Harlan Genetics on the Northern Plains"