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Scenic, South Dakota

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H M Quarter Horses

Why Not Harlan

2015 Sorrel Gelding

Photos taken 2/24/18. Will be updated when the weather turns nicer!



Jodie Bob Harlan

Harlan Tony

Shesa Texas Risk

Harlan Kent

OSU Harlans Heiress

Harlan Okmulgee

Gray Betsy

Why Not Harlan

2015 Sorrel Gelding


Why Not Friday

Harmons Iron Wolf

Harlans Grey Wolf

Heart Dee

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Tyrees Nifty Lass

Started with 30 days with Becky Amio, scheduled to go back for another 30 days this spring. He is going to be thick and stout but still a nice size. Friendly disposition, he hunts you up in the pasture for attention. Mary has been planning to keep him for her gelding but we had the opportunity to buy back Big Joe Harlan (Big Honey Harlan x Jo Jo Jacks), her personal gelding, that was sold in 2012 because of the drought/hay situation - so "Blaze" is on the sale list.


Becky has this to say about the Why Not foals, "I’ve started 3 maternal brothers to this guy and they have been hands down some of my All Time Favorites." Don't think you can go wrong with this guy